Project Discovery and Move Mountains are thrilled to bring the vitality and impressive history of our youth adventure programs to Lake Tahoe School while continuing to serve the Reno/Carson community!

Join us for a summer adventure unmatched in the region!  With an emphasis on leadership development, communication and the development of positive friendships, our adventure programs aren’t your average camp!  Through great outdoor adventures, we prepare campers to live fully, respect one another, communicate effectively and act with compassion.

Check out the changes that will last lifetime…

The Adventure Camps have been the absolutely best thing for my daughter and she has grown so much and made so many friends. She looks forward to them every year!  – Afshan West, Parent

My daughter has practically grown up in this program and looks forward to it every year. The courage and maturity she has gained from all the years in your summer camps has been extraordinary. – Kris Hemline, Parent

All of my kids have benefited greatly from being involved in the Project Discovery summer camp program. They always return stronger, more confident and with plenty more stories, and more importantly, good friends from their summer camp adventures. – Josh Pollock, Parent

You couldn’t ask for a better program to get students out into nature and connecting more with themselves and their friends than Project Discovery’s. Thanks for all the good work you do! – Melinda Blackwell, Teacher, Galena HS and Equis Insight Program Director 

Not only was this camp fun for my son, it was transformative.  After the week was out, he independently tried activities and challenges that we’d been encouraging (unsuccessfully) for years!  He came home with increased confidence and independence that he uses in all aspects of his life.  Thank you Tahoe Adventure Camps! – Jen S., Parent