Friendships – Tis the Season at Tahoe Adventure Camps!



Friends enter our lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. We often won’t know until the time has passed, but if we pay close attention, their value will not go unnoticed. Sometimes, we may need a bit of a boost, or a shoulder to lean on.  Other times we need guidance or some sense of purpose. From time to time, we just want to have fun with a like-minded soul. Sometimes, just sometimes, we connect with someone so deeply and with such ease, that we are willing to put in the work that makes a lifelong friendship. Tahoe Adventure Camps celebrate friendships of all kinds!

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Well-facilitated, carefully designed adventures make the effort required for friendships to form seem like just another fun-filled day! While they are laughing and learning, campers are also practicing being present with their peers, showing respect and kindness to self and others and always giving their best. The facilitators at Tahoe Adventure Camps work diligently to create a social environment where campers can take risk, be themselves, and find great pleasure in discovering that they are liked, just for who they are. The activities each day promote a healthy and nurturing ground for friendships to blossom.

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As adults, it’s easy to get bogged down in the grind of day-to-day life and lose sight of the role we play in our friendships. There is nothing quite as humbling and eye-opening as watching campers, some of whom have known each other only a few days, demonstrate the kind of enthusiasm, compassion and encouragement that helps friendships thrive.

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More than anything, we learn to be good friends by being good friends to ourselves first. We can all learn to be more self-compassionate, self-aware, and self-appreciative. At Tahoe Adventure Camps, it’s hard to tell which comes first. We have campers that have changed the lives of their peers by offering support. We also have campers that have learned to be better friends by the gift of friendship they received in their time at camp.

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This summer, give your child the opportunity to develop friendships that will serve a reason, a season or a lifetime. You just never know which they need most!

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