It’s our goal to use our partnership to create the best possible experience for our campers. It takes a lot of planning to make adventure camps fun, challenging for all, and safe for everyone. In order to make that possible, please read and understand our terms of service before your registration is completed:

  1. Participant fees must be collected in full before registration is considered complete.
  2. Tahoe Adventure Camps reserves the right to have parents pick up participants who are chronically disrespectful or otherwise jeopardize or harm themselves or other participants.  No refunds will be given for participants dismissed from the program.
  3. If for any reason the participant needs to cancel their registration, they have until 1 month prior to camps start date to do so.  After the 1 month mark, no refunds will be given.  Prior to the 1 month mark, a $100 processing fee will be retained.
  4. Tahoe Adventure Camps run programs all five days, regardless of weather and other normal summer mountain conditions.  We always have contingency plans in case of unsafe conditions, and we will decide on the need to use our contingency plans based on a thorough evaluation of the conditions.  There is no guarantee that participants will be able to participate in any or all of the advertised programming based on conditions.